PRS-1 2016 Abstract

Improvisation in Musico-Spatial Creative Practice

My research operates at the intersection of the domains of music and architecture through a merged ‘Musico-Spatial Design creative practice. Research is founded on the central question: What new insights into the ‘infinite art of improvisation (Berliner 2009)’ may be afforded through a merged ’Musico-spatial Design Practice’ wherein spatial design knowledge informs musical performance practice and musical knowledge informs spatial design practice?’ Improvisational performance practice is examined through project work in solo and group performance within an auto-ethnographic framework. This culminates in the development of a ‘Multi-Parameter Framework for Improvisation Research’ (MPFIRe) that integrates parametric modelling, consumer level BrainWare and cybernetics to understand the complexities, synergies, form and flow of musical improvisation. Thus, my creative practice design research is founded on an affordance of novel insights into a merged musico-spatial design creative practice.

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