PRS-2 2015 Abstract

ImprovScapes: Improvisation in Musico-Spatial Creative Practice

This research examines improvisation in musical and spatial creative practice. Current project work is focussed on understanding my own practice in drums and percussion in the context of ‘the infinite art’ (Berliner 2009) of musical improvisation, ‘tacit knowing in action’ (Schön 1987), my own ‘referents’ (Pressing 1987) and musical language across a variety of contexts. A multi-modal improvisational analytical framework is being developed that allows four-dimensional insights into musical improvisation using sound, MIDI output, visualisation, EEG tracking, reflection-on-action (Schön 1983) and creative vector (Fischer 2014) analysis. Future project work will be framed around using knowledge gained in this project in a generative context, in consideration of a merging of musical and spatial creative practices, within the context of my home and work environment- the Great Ocean Road.

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