Sound and Music Computing 2016 Conference Poster

I have written a paper and submitted a poster in Hamburg at the 2016 SMC Conference. Link here for the full paper on p197.

ABSTRACT: This research operates at the intersection of music and spatial design within the context of improvised digital drumming. We outline a creative design research project founded on the generation of a large body of improvised drum output with the intention of identifying a set of ‘referent (Pressing 1987)’ improvisations, patterns and phrases within the phenomenology of improvisation. We outline the development of a parametric computational framework using software from the spatial design industry to provide affordance (Gibson 1979) to understanding the complexities of drum improvisation.

The ‘ImprovSpace’ Grasshopper script, operating within Rhino3DTM enables the 3D spatialization of digital drum-based improvisations wherein the parameters of drum notes, duration and velocity all can be flexibly manipulated. Drum phrases and patterns can be compared individually and clusters of repeated elements can be found within a larger corpus of improvisations. The framework enables insights into the specific attributes that constitute individual style including playing behind and ahead of the beat, microtiming, rubato and other elements. It is proposed that, by bringing these improvisations into visual and spatial domain in plan, elevation and isometric projections, a theoretic musico-perspectival hinge may be deconstructed. This may provide insights for non-reading, visually and spatially dominant musicians within reflective, educational and other contexts.

SMC POSTER-final.jpg

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