PRS 2- 2016 Abstract

Exploring Musico-Spatial Design Creative Practice

I position my research within the merging of previously disparate practices in architecture and music (percussion). My interest lies in a ’Musico-Spatial Design’ creative practice wherein spatial design forms a lens through which to understand music. Through a generative process of mass-improvisation, I have explored approaches to spatialized drum notation using parametric spatial design tools to form orthographic, perspectival, immersive and haptic representations of music. These representations, natural for spatial designers, act to challenge the traditional music score. Project work has involved affordance experiments of spatialized notation in 3D CAD, 3D printing and in Virtual Environments. Speculative project work is proposed in the second half of the research to further ideation and to bring together the trajectories of improvisation, performance, spatialized notation and design within a merged musico-spatial design creative practice.


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