Paper accepted for presentation at the 2017 TENOR conference in A Coruna, Spain (
This research has evolved from creative practice focused on inter-disciplinary positioning between the domains of music and architecture. Through engagement in the theo-ries and practice of architectural representation and the computational tools of spatial design, a spatial drum notation is presented. This notation seeks to overcome the limitations of traditional drum notation in relation to a theoretical ‘musico-perspectival hinge’ between the nota-tion and the meaning of the notation. A representational schema of the spatial drum notation is discussed in rela-tion to the development of a lexicon of referent drum patterns and phrases that constitute a drummers playing style and in the notation of a multi-layered drumscape. Further speculations are discussed in relation to the po-tential of 3D printed scores, scores in Virtual Reality and a merged musico-spatial design creative practice.

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