Improvisations in Polyrhythmic Spatiality

This research is situated within an evolving field of creative practice that is situated between the domains of music and spatial design. Through a generative process of mass improvisation on the digital drum kit, I have first sought to understand the ‘referent’ patterns and phrases that form the foundations of my own drum kit practice as a means of understanding myself. Drawing on the tools, media and methods of spatial design, a new 3D spatial drum notation has been developed that offers novel insights into the polyrhythm, micro-timing and velocities that define my ‘style’. This 3D Spatial Drum Notation has been applied to the analysis of the improvisational styles of other drummers and in the notation of my own drum-based ‘Digital DrumScapes’ compositions.

My creative practice then explores creative works in the domain of improvised polyrhythmic ‘DrumScapes’ to create vast electroacoustic spatial soundscapes. Using the similar musical data sets, my creative practice then explores the novel spatial design opportunities inherent in improvised digital drum-play as a generative tool for speculations in polyrhythmic spatiality. My intention is to bring these research elements together into new ‘musico-spatial design’ creative practice that explores the possibilities of improvisations in polyrhythmic spatiality in both music and spatial design contemporaneously.


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