Notation and Representation of Jazz Beats

I am interested in the way in which Spatial 3D Drum Notation can inform the understanding of the individual elements of drumming style- playing ahead and behind the beat- ghost notes and slurs…this video illustrates the playing of 100 basic jazz and HipHop beats.

Notes are repsented by spheres along a stylized 3D notation- velocities are represented by the diameter of the spheres. Tempo = 150 BPM at 4/4 for 1 or 2 bars.

3D Spatial Drum Notation for Jazz Beats Link here.

3D Spatial Drum Notation for HipHop Beats Link here.

I am also interested in alternative ways in which these elements of drumming can be represented using CAD software in the form of voronoi lattice structures. Here, drum notes are placed along a timeline, with note velocity represented as distance in the Z plane- note durations are further represented by a second lattice extending further in the Z plane.

Voronoi Lattice Link for Jazz Beats here.

Voronoi Lattice Link for HipHop Beats here.


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