Exploring the Intersection of Music and Architecture Through Spatial Improvisation

This paper was presented at the CAADRIA international conference in Beijing in May, 2018. See link

Abstract: Creative practice design research brings forth rich opportunities for the exploration of inter-domain connections between music and architecture. Through inter-disciplinary creative practice explorative project work founded on a methodology of improvisation on the digital drum kit, two stages of design research project work are outlined. In the first stage, a language of polyrhythmic drumming is parametrically spatialized as a reflective lens on an extant creative practice. From here, a new form of ‘Spatial Improvisation’ is explored, where conceptual spatial forms are generated from improvisations on the digital drum kit. This new musico-spatial design practice involves mediating a spatio-temporal-dynamical ‘Y-Condition’ (Martin, 1994) wherein temporal and dynamic design decisions translate from the musical domain into the spatial domain through ‘spatial thinking-in-action’.


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