KLG Sonic Arts Symposium 2021

Jeremy and Dr Uwe Woessner presented their work on ‘Synaespatia’ at the KLG Sonic Arts Symposium in May, 2021.

This performative workshop demonstrates collaborative creative design research operating at the intersection of the musical and spatial (musico-spatial) domains. Covid has forced new ways of collaboration between the team: a musico-spatial performer based in Australia (Dr Jeremy J Ham) and a VR expert based in Germany (Dr Uwe Woessner). No longer able to travel, we have worked on ways to enable new modes of musico-spatial performance. Engagement in digital technologies has turned constraints into opportunities. This has led to in the transformation of the original Musico-Spatial Virtual Environment (MSVE) into a networked performance environment that enables synchronous dyadic musico-spatial performance from physically-distanced performers from around the world. Through these new modes of performance, we  can experience live music and sound as real-time manifestations in the spatial domain as ‘synaespatia’.

Here’s a link to the presentation.


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