Design Teaching

I have served as unit chair in twelve design studios from 2001 to 2015 , along with over ten other units in construction technology in an Australian regional University. This role involved designing and directing the curriculum,  writing assignments, composing and delivering two hour weekly lectures, managing sessional staff, teaching studios and tutorials, managing student expectations and ensuring assessment and policy compliance for classes from 75 to 150 students. Close alignment between research and teaching has brought forward a cycle of innovation and research, with web-based technology, authentic and unique learning experiences and inter-disciplinary integration at the core. I inititated the curation of Australia’s longest-running an online Virtual Gallery of student work (Pre-Web 2.0), which provided peer learning for construction technology units and an online folio for design units.

  • 2001- 2004: Online design and construction technology ‘Games’ using web-based delivery, submission and assessment;
  • 2001- 2010: ‘Making and Breaking’ of beams, trusses at real-scale, culminating in testing to destruction on a purpose-built test rig (with Peter Yttrup engineer);
  • 2001-2006: Web-based integration between 2nd year design studio and Construction Projects for construction management students;
  • Video-based design and technology projects (2004 – 2014)- using the medium of video for students to deliver projects creatively, hosted on the Virtual Gallery to allow peer learning and information transfer;
  • Online reflective Blogs (2004- 2013) engaging students in reflection-on-action as part of their design activity;
  • The Social Network Virtual Design Studio (2009 – 2014), engaging Australian students in design projects in Hong Kong to address issues of density and hybridity using social networks as the facilitator;
  • Community-based design projects wherein students provide design solutions to meet community needs. See Link.


  • Winner best presentation at the 2017 eCAADe conference
  • Runner up Best Presentation at the 2017 ASA Conference
  • Nominated for National Carrick Australian Awards for University Teaching (2007)
  • Winner of National Carrick Australian Awards for University Teaching citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning (2006)
  • Winner of University Award for Teaching Excellence (2006)
  • Winner of Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching (2006)
  • Winner of Australian Institute of Building FE Crowle Award for Teaching Excellence (2006)
  • Nominee for Australian Universities Teaching Committee award for Early Career Teaching Excellence (2004)
  • Winner of Deakin University’s WJC Banks Award for distinguished contribution to teaching and learning (2002)
  • Faculty of Science and Technology Award for Teaching Excellence (2002)
  • Certificate of Commendation for Vice Chancellor’s award for outstanding achievement in the category of Teaching Excellence (2001)
  • RAIA National Architecture Presidents Award for Recycled Buildings (1996) Team member with McGlashan Everist