Hey Joe in Reggae

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Reggae improvised rendition of the Hendrix classic, Hey Joe.

Tim Neal on keys, Red Whyte on guitar and JJ Ham on drums.


Networked VR Drumming

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Uwe Woessner and I are developing a system for the live networking of Virtual Reality drumming between Stuttgart and Bells Beach. Uwe plays a digital drum kit in Stuttgart, and MIDI data is sent to Bells Beach to drive both a VR visualisation and virtual instrumentation- and vice versa.

Drum battle anyone?

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Exploring the Intersection of Music and Architecture Through Spatial Improvisation

This paper was presented at the CAADRIA international conference in Beijing in May, 2018. See link

Abstract: Creative practice design research brings forth rich opportunities for the exploration of inter-domain connections between music and architecture. Through inter-disciplinary creative practice explorative project work founded on a methodology of improvisation on the digital drum kit, two stages of design research project work are outlined. In the first stage, a language of polyrhythmic drumming is parametrically spatialized as a reflective lens on an extant creative practice. From here, a new form of ‘Spatial Improvisation’ is explored, where conceptual spatial forms are generated from improvisations on the digital drum kit. This new musico-spatial design practice involves mediating a spatio-temporal-dynamical ‘Y-Condition’ (Martin, 1994) wherein temporal and dynamic design decisions translate from the musical domain into the spatial domain through ‘spatial thinking-in-action’.


PRS 1 2018


HAM-POSTER.pngAbstract: The nexus of music and architecture (spatial design) has been a subject of intrigue for musicians, architects and scholars over the ages. My creative practice as both musician (drums and percussion) and architect positions me well for an extended critical inquiry into the intersection of these domains through Design Research. Using a generative methodology of digital drumming improvisation, a set of parametric digital design frameworks are explored that act as a ‘reflective lens’ on a musical practice and inform speculative extensions of this practice through ‘Spatializing Polyrhythm’. Working across domains, the practice of digital drum improvisation is explored and extended through the creation of electroacoustic works as Digital DrumScapes.

Transformation of the practice of improvisation informs a new ‘Spatial Improvisation’ where the skills of digital drumming are employed as agents of new design processes in the spatial domain. Cross-domain creative practice resolution is achieved through a new ‘Musico-Spatial Improvisation’ founded on the performance of real-time dynamic musico-spatial polyrhythmic improvisation in Virtual Environments and spatial sound. These speculative investigations thus provide the basis for a re-consideration of the music: architecture nexus as well as improvisation and hope to inform new directions in cross-domain creative practice.